Welcome! Are you considering an investment and/or immigration to Ireland?
Ireland is a land of charm, warm hospitality and beautiful scenery.
There are so many reasons to choose to invest or live in Ireland. Ireland is a small, modern economy with a young population and a safe and clean environment. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is an important business and financial centre and an ideal gateway to the United Kingdom and the European Union. Ireland is a country where you can build a secure and prosperous future for yourself and your family for generations to come.


Reasons to choose Ireland
Macro reasons –

  • Stable political environment
  • Member of the European Union
  • A gateway to Europe, including the UK
  • An English speaking country
  • Green, clean and safe living
  • Well developed infrastructure
  • Excellent education system
  • Diverse and multi-cultural society
  • Temperate climate
  • Well-known for music, literature, film and sport


Financial reasons –

  • Affordability/ good value/ good supply of well located properties
  • Liquidity and the bank funding crisis in Ireland has resulted in excellent opportunities for foreign capital to enter the market at competitive values
  • Strong residential property rental market
  • Ireland is an attractive investment location and one of the best business locations in Europe
  • Favourable tax regime for investors (tax incentives for property investment and existence of ‘Ireland/China Tax Treaty’)
  • Ireland has the lowest tax on company profits in Europe at an attractive rate of 12.5%
  • Low rate of stamp duty (starting at 1%)

Ireland is an English speaking country. It is only one hour flying time from London in the UK. Ireland is safe and welcoming and has a young vibrant population. Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world and a growing number of Chinese students choose Ireland. The educational link between Ireland and China is very strong. There are currently around 5,000 Chinese students registered with universities in Ireland and many more studying an English language course in Ireland. There is a vibrant Chinese community in Ireland. The number of Chinese living in Ireland is likely to increase significantly in the next few years. The Chinese and Irish governments have recently signed a number of co-operation agreements aimed at boosting trade and investment between the two countries.


There are excellent opportunities for Chinese investors to diversify their overseas real estate investments geographically, into Ireland. The Irish property market currently offers excellent value with very strong rental income and capital appreciation potential.


Of course, we will provide you with all the necessary information on Ireland to ensure that your choice of Ireland as a destination for investment, living and immigration is a pleasant and rewarding experience.




Go Invest Ireland Video

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