More and more Chinese people have the intention to buy a residential property overseas. Buying properties overseas is a trend in China and the buying decision depends on a number of criteria, including a safe and stable environment, immigration, education and investment. For many buyers it is important that the property can produce a good return on their invested capital through a combination of strong rental income and a capital gain on the value of the property over time.


One country which is showing a lot of interest from Chinese property buyers is the UK. There are many advantages and attractions to owning a property in the UK. Central London is the most popular location in the UK for the overseas investors, particularly for the Chinese. The property market in central London is very stable and the prospects for a continuation of growth in the market are very good. Central London has many excellent amenities, shops and restaurants. London, as a capital city, has lots of wonderful things to see and do. It has a very good transport infrastructure and it is conveniently close to many leading schools, universities and other educational establishments. London has a thriving economy and is one of the most important business cities in the world. All of these factors make central London an ideal location for overseas investors.


Getting to the UK is now also very convenient. There are frequent daily flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu to London Heathrow airport. Central London is only 15 mins away from the airport on the Heathrow Express train.


Our organisation, based in London, which assists Chinese investors to visit, invest and live in the UK is “Go Invest UK” . We believe that “while there is already a vibrant Chinese community living in London, the numbers of Chinese living in London and owning a property there is likely to increase significantly in the next few years.”


In terms of rental yields and capital values, the typical rental yield for an investor on a buy-to-let apartment in central London right now is around 5.4% and supply shortages are driving growth in rents. Capital values of residential properties in London are also rising with average prices having risen 24% over the past 18 months. This means strong overall returns for investors. It is a great time to be a landlord in London.


When considering purchasing property in the UK, it is important to choose the right local agent who will act as an adviser and who can help you to make the right decisions. Not only should the agent be able to offer a wide selection of apartments for sale, including high yield apartments in downtown locations in central London, but also the agent should be able to advise on all aspects of the buying process, including recommending a local law firm for the legal conveyance and assisting with obtaining mortgage finance and the agent should have a good knowledge of the local facilities, amenities, educational institutions, etc.


Many rich Chinese are also considering emigrating and they view the UK as being a safe and stable country for the education and future lifestyle needs of themselves and their children. The Tier 1 (Investor) visa category is suitable for high-net-worth (HNW) individuals who are able to make a substantial financial investment in the UK and who are seeking a “green card”.


Ireland, a close neighbour of the UK, is also a destination country worth looking at for those rich Chinese that want to emigrate to Europe. The government in Ireland recently announced a new Immigrant Investor programme which makes it a lot easier for foreigners, including Chinese people, to obtain an immigrant visa for Ireland. Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is only a 50 minute flight from London Heathrow airport. Ireland is a land of charm, warm hospitality and beautiful scenery. There are many reasons to choose to live or invest in Ireland.


Ireland is a small, modern, English-speaking economy with a young population, excellent education system and a safe and clean environment. We are now receiving more inquiries from Chinese people who view Ireland as a country where they can build a secure and prosperous future for themselves and their family.


Ireland is also a very attractive location for Chinese companies looking to expand into the European Union (EU). The low 12.5% tax rate on profits is particularly attractive.


There is also a growing and strengthening relationship between Ireland and China, as highlighted by the recent visits of Vice President Xi and Mr. Wang Gang and the many recent trade announcements between both countries. Ireland is ideally placed for Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs as a gateway to both Europe and the US.


Also, many tourists from China who are visiting London also decide that they want to make a trip to Ireland. And there is no problem with the visa as Chinese visitors can go to Ireland when they are visiting the UK without the need to apply for a separate visa. This is known as the Visa Waiver Scheme.


In summary, with attractive property prices, stable yields and capital appreciation potential, coupled with favourable new immigrant investor programmes, and a good quality of life, both the UK and Ireland present some very good opportunities for the shrewd Chinese investor and entrepreneur.


We are offering a free initial consultation to explore immigration and investment opportunities in the UK (London) and Ireland (Dublin) and to learn about the bespoke services and different types of properties that are available.


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