• In recent years, against a backdrop of tighter government controls and policies aimed at cooling the over heated domestic real estate market, property values in the first and second tier cities in China have been falling and this has driven investor interest in overseas property investment.

  • At the same time, the value of the Chinese Yuan (RMB), up 40% against Sterling since the end of 2007, makes investment in the UK more attractive.

  • For many HNW Chinese the perceived stable political environment and robust economic fundamentals in the UK, at least when compared to counties in the Eurozone, are attracting them to invest their surplus funds overseas in countries like the UK.

  • Many rich Chinese are either considering emigrating or have already taken steps to do so, according to a recent survey, highlighting worries among the business elite about the quality of their life and financial prospects, despite the country’s fast-paced growth.

  • Many Chinese who have profited most from the country’s growth also express increasing concerns in private about social issues such as China’s one child policy, food safety, pollution, corruption, poor schooling, and a weak legal system.

  • The size of China’s ‘high net worth individuals’ class is difficult to assess accurately but it is estimated in recent surveys that 960,000 Chinese people have “personal assets” of at least 10 million yuan (Stg£1 million) and 60,000 people with 100 million yuan or more (Stg£10 million).

  • Many Chinese buyers are investing in the UK to support children who plan to study here for primary, secondary and university education. According to the Chinese embassy, 100,000 Chinese people study at British schools and colleges.

  • Chinese investors account for more than 25% of central London overseas buyers according to recent research . Chinese investors are the “fastest growing segment of foreign purchasers in the centre of the city”.

  • According to Chinese media reports, Chinese investors spent approximately £170 million buying newly-built properties in central London in 2010.

  • In 2010, Chinese buyers accounted for 40% of the £100 million of overseas transactions in London’s Canary Wharf and Docklands areas.

  • Barratt Developments, the UK’s largest home builder by volume, say that 42% of the residential units sold in London in 2011 went to Chinese overseas buyers.


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