London property offers a stable and secure investment for foreign buyers. London is seen as a trusted market and compares favourably with other less stable cities globally because it offers lower price volatility. London is also a great city where more and more people are choosing to invest, live, work, study and play.


The prime residential London property market is as buoyant as ever and up-market central areas of the city have been attracting many international property investors who are eager to protect their wealth by investing in assets that are backed by the Sterling currency. They see London in particular as being a safe haven for their assets. Central London appears to be immune to the global recession; its prices have increased by almost 50% since 2009 and luxury London property prices continue to be strong.


There has never been a better time to buy a residential property in London. With attractive yields, low interest rates on mortgages, a strong rental market and the prospect of large capital gains, the London residential property market is booming. Property in prime central London is viewed as an excellent and relatively low-risk long-term investment and this has caused a rise in buyers entering the market from overseas.


The consensus amongst experts is that the best returns will come from London and the south east of England. Prime central London locations within Zone 1 and Zone 2 of the London Underground are proving to be particularly popular with overseas investors.


Strong demand from rich foreign Asian buyers, particularly Chinese investors, is pushing prices higher in prime central London. There has been a huge increase in the number of Chinese buyers who now account for more than 1 in 4 (i.e. 25%) of prime central London property purchases by overseas buyers. Cash-rich Chinese buyers are now spending some of the gains from China’s boom years and are looking for an escape from their own troubled property market. The uncertain political and government situation in China is also fuelling an increasing diversification of their assets into different geographical markets, such as the perceived safe haven of the UK.  The past few years, against the background of rising domestic inflation expectations and stringent control policies over real estate, more and more Chinese investors are looking to take positive action by investing in properties overseas. With the exchange rate on the Chinese Renminbi (RMB) up by more than 40% against the Sterling currency (STG£) over the past 5 years, property in London has become more affordable and attractive for wealthy Chinese investors.


London is a truly remarkable place to live and a compelling place to invest in. Additionally, London’s world famous schools, colleges and universities are recognized around the world as centres of excellence and places to attend are much sought after.

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